Investment Strategy

Business Combination Criteria

We have identified the following guidelines that we believe are important in evaluating prospective target businesses and assessing acquisition opportunities. We will use these criteria and guidelines in evaluating acquisition opportunities, but we may decide to enter into our initial business combination with a target business that does not meet some or all of these criteria and guidelines.

  • Highly defensible business models with a sustainable competitive advantage. A tailored, highly differentiated, or unique consumer experience that builds on a sense of wonder, community and shared values engenders enduring consumer loyalty and repeat customer demand. It is our belief these attributes create the most defensible business models, sustain a competitive advantage and market position, create attractive growth and cash flow profiles and so generate shareholder value.
  • Disruptive business models with strong secular growth. Many categories (in particular mobile entertainment) are experiencing unprecedented growth due to strong underlying consumer demand and liberalizing regulations. These companies’ rapid growth, and prospective scale, lead them to be natural public entities, whereon new avenues of growth and capital will be opened to fund organic initiatives and pursue transformative or bolt-on acquisitions.
  • Dislocated valuations within fundamentally strong sectors and businesses. Live entertainment sectors have been temporarily disrupted due to COVID-19, but otherwise possess fundamentally sound long-term business plans. We believe there exists an opportunity to provide equity capital to privately owned companies, or public companies through the carve-out of a division, at attractive valuations.
  • Strong management that would benefit from Acies’ extensive and diverse expertise. We believe our operating expertise and expansive network access has the potential to drive incremental value to even those currently strong management teams, resulting in improvements to operational and financial performance.
  • Founder-owner monetization, corporate carve-outs and private equity exits. Special purpose acquisition company transactions are a proven path for owners to monetize their holdings through an upfront liquidity event with ongoing participation, and present many compelling features not otherwise replicable in an IPO or sale.

Business Strategy

Our acquisition and value creation strategy is to identify, acquire and, after our initial business combination, to build a company in the public markets. We believe our complementary team provides us a distinct advantage to identify a leading experiential entertainment company and execute a successful business combination.


Extensive Direct Domain Expertise as Leaders, Operators, Entrepreneurs and Advisors. We have dedicated our careers to industries that provide consumers leading entertainment experiences, through live and mobile platforms. We have consistently demonstrated our ability to found, operate, build, lead, invest in, acquire, and advise leading entertainment businesses that engage consumers in memorable ways. Throughout our careers, we have helped shape prominent entertainment industries such as live entertainment, casinos, destination hospitality, sports, and mobile gaming by leading their respective companies and engaging in transformative transactions.


Expansive Network of Relationships Built Over Decades. Our management team and Board of Directors have spent most of their careers operating in the industries we are targeting, developing expansive networks of founders, owners and management teams of private companies, entrepreneurs, public company senior executives, boards, investors, private equity sponsors, and advisors (investment banks, consultants, attorneys and accountants). We believe this breadth of access will allow us to both source and create acquisition opportunities simply not available to others, due to the reputation, creativity and experience of our team.


Resolute Focus on Value Creation. Our team has deep experience in creating value through pursuing operational improvements, repositioning and realigning strategies, optimizing capital structures, overseeing capital allocation policies, acquiring and separating businesses and identifying future growth opportunities. Each member of our team has relentlessly pursued value maximizing initiatives and developed impressive track records over the long term. Importantly, we have substantial experience in executing transactions throughout market cycles and structuring transactions to minimize risk while preserving upside opportunity.


Expertise Advising and Steering Private Companies into the Public Markets. As we pursue a business combination we will work alongside management and their shareholders to unlock the potential of a company’s upside as they transition from a private company to a public company. Our expertise will be invaluable to management teams in accessing the capital markets and driving value for shareholders long term.


Vast Experience Structuring, Negotiating, and Executing Mergers and Acquisitions. Value creation in the public markets from the initial business combination will be achieved by our upfront implementation of rigorous discipline and creativity to the valuation, terms and conditions of the merger transaction. Our team has decades of experience structuring, negotiating and executing transactions across private and public companies, corporate carve-outs, and private equity-backed exits.

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